Automatic paraphrasing: A problem for Academia


Introduction  Paraphrasing is the skill to understand, incorporate, and initially express information. Whether orally, visually, or in writing, the ability to paraphrase is directly related to how well the niche finder has understood the material. It is also associated with skill. Proper language usage – complete sentences, correct punctuation, capitalization, […]

B2B Growth hacking strategies to Accelerate growth in 2022


Growth Hacking, as the name suggests, is the process of designing (or hacking) your way to rapid growth while spending the least amount of money. Growth Hackers deploy inventive, easier-to-track, and faster-to-conclude tactics rather than long-term content or marketing strategies. Growth hackers are not just marketers or engineers; they are […]

Why should a business consider Digital Transformation?


Introduction  Digital transformation is the unification of digital technology into all business domains. It affects fundamental transformation to the way a business works. It entitles companies to innovate heritage processes, speed up efficient workflows, strengthen security, and enhance profitability in MVP software development. Organizations across industries exploit the advantages of […]

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