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Attractive Printed Cardboard Boxes Are Affecting The Sales Of Soaps

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The soap and bath bomb industry is a market that has been around for many years. Recently, there’s been a shift in the way these products are packaged and distributed to consumers. Companies have started using more eye-catching cardboard boxes instead of plastic containers. These boxes are good. They make the store look more attractive, and they help customers who might not come to your store if it were different. Overall, this trend is affecting sales positively because it’s bringing in an entirely new customer base to stores like yours.

Recently, there was a meeting of soap and bath bomb companies. They talked about what is attracting customers to their products. The report says that attractive bath bomb packaging boxes are attracting new customers.

This trend has been affecting sales positively because it’s bringing in an entirely new customer base to stores like yours.

The soaps and bath bombs industry is a market that has been around for many years, but recently there’s been a shift in the way products have packaging and go for contribution between consumers. Traditional packaging for these items have typically included plastic containers with colorful logos on them; however, companies are now using more eye-catching cardboard boxes instead.

Customers are purchasing these items not only to use them but also because they want to collect the boxes for display.

Cardboard packaging is bringing in a new customer base

This is for retailers, who are buying the items to keep for themselves or for future resale.  

Started by two sisters in 2011, Soapbox Shampoo Bars were previously only available online and through personal appearances at flea markets and craft fairs. The product wasn’t carried in stores, so it was difficult for them to grow their customer base beyond people who had already heard of the brand.

The packaging change has allowed sales to double over last year’s numbers. Years ago, their company had to use plastic bottles with pre-printed logos on them. They then switched to boxes that they printed labels on. This opened up their market because people could see what was in the box. Customers are now purchasing these items not only to use them but also because they want to collect the boxes. The branding complements by the printing of product information on the inside surface of the boxes.

There are many companies which are now running an annual competition for designs that can be printed on their packaging.  custom printed cardboard packaging is great because the logo looks like it came with the box”, says one happy customer, “instead of being stuck onto it.”

The printed box design is good because it looks nice. The boxes are pretty. This will make a good impression on people who buy your product.

Less Cost Effective

Printed cardboard boxes are not only strengthening brands but also saving them money. You should try switching to these if you still do not believe in their power. Using printed labels instead of stickers will ensure that your product stands out from the rest, making it more memorable for potential customers. Printed cardboard boxes can even help keep costs down by eliminating the need for packaging materials such as tape and glue. These materials don’t dissolve in water, which is why you should consider using recycled cardboard boxes for soap shipments.

People care about the environment. But when they buy items, they want to use less paper. So try to use paper products that are made from recycled materials. This includes not only office supplies like composition books but also food containers used to deliver your product. Before you know it, people will be wondering how you get away with selling environmentally friendly soap without plastic packaging!

Why use custom printed cardboard boxes instead of plastic bottles?

When it comes down to it, there are several reasons why manufacturers choose printed corrugated boxes over plastic bottles. First of all, personalized cardboard shipping boxes provide a more cost-effective advertising tool that gets your product name in front of the public. From a company standpoint, this is much more affordable than increasing your budget for plastic packaging.

Where does corrugated cardboard come from?

If you do a quick search online, you’ll see that there are many companies that sell recycled paperboard. The best part is they don’t have to know where your box has print. If it’s custom with your company name and logo, most of these businesses can get their hands on recycled materials quickly because they keep warehouses full of light cardstock material which is easy to cut into shape and fold together into shipping boxes.

In fact, many manufacturers have gone green by using 100 percent recycled content when printing their boxes. It’s a great product if you want to give your company an environmentally-friendly image and promote green living among your customers.

You can get boxes that are made from recycled paper, made from 40 percent recycled content, 60 percent recycled content or 100% post-consumer waste. Again, it just depends on the look you’re going for and the message you want to send with your packaging.

It’s a great way to save money, too. When you have cute boxes printed for your business, you can use them over and over again. After all, the whole point of a cardboard box is to keep your products safe until they reach their destination. Plus, if you print enough boxes so that one is always on hand when an order comes in, you won’t miss any opportunities to make sales.

Making Your Own Boxes Is Cheaper Than You Think

Making custom shipping boxes might seem expensive, but it really doesn’t cost a lot. It can be cheaper than other companies if you have a printer that is good. Other companies charge how many boxes you print in a month or year.

When you’re making your own boxes, the only real cost is for the box itself. This means that you have complete freedom over exactly what size of box to print. You are also able to include any designs or logos on it so long as it’s within reason — there may be some limitations depending on where the boxes are being shipped to.


There are many types of boxes made out of cardboard, but some that have been getting attention lately are those with designs. Printed Cardboard Boxes can help companies advertise their brand in a different way and they can also attract new customers to the product. This type of box is recyclable and biodegradable so it does not hurt the environment when it is reused.

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