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How do I add music to a TikTok Video (or only add to a specific part)

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Adding music to TikTok is simple, whereas playing it halfway takes some effort. How I can add music to a particular area in TikTok is the most frequently asked question from TikTok users. This article provides a comprehensive solution for adding the music you want in TikTok video clips and even to some of the videos.

There are two ways to add sound or music effects to a TikTok video:

There are many options for various scenarios if you want the music to begin at the halfway point in TikTok instead of covering the whole clip.

1. Let’s say you’d like to use the standard music on TikTok. The basic idea is to include music the way you usually would in TikTok Save the audio (don’t post it yet) and then use other applications to separate the audio and cut it.

Scenario 2. The scenario is that you already have music offline that you want to use. In this case, you could edit the entire video outside of TikTok or add music to some regions of the video and then post it on TikTok.

In the first scenario, it is possible to use video editing software for iPhone and Android to cut the music and play it at any desired time. In the second scenario, you can use both mobile editing applications and desktop-based tools can be used. If you are a fan of the versatility of a desktop tool, or you like editing and uploading videos to TikTok with a larger screen, the web version is quite helpful. You can buy TikTok views with SubPals.


How do you add music to a TikTok Video?

TikTok lets you add music to your video from the 60s. Apart from the vast Free Music Library, it includes practical sound effects and an in-built voice recorder that allows you to add audio that has humorous voice effects.

Step 1. Open up TikTok; click the plus icon. After that, you can begin recording or uploading your existing video.

Step 2. Tap Next, and then click “Songs” to include music.

Step 3. Search for sounds or songs. You can also search to find the name of an artist as well.

Step 4. Tap on a song that you want to use in your video. You can also tap the little icon to select the most appealing part.

However, this trim feature lets you choose the specific portion of the song that will cover the whole music. It does not allow you to play music on only a particular video area, which leads us to the next option.


How do you add music to only a portion of the TikTok Mobile Video?

If the music you’d like to include comes from TikTok’s database of songs, you can use InShot to remove all the music on TikTok and edit it using the multi-track timeline. You can add music to any portion or part of the film.

Here is more information about it. If you want to learn more then marketbusinesstech.com visit here.


How to add music to only a portion of a TikTok Video using InShot

Step 1. Add music to the TikTok video as you usually do (see the tutorial above). Instead of uploading it, we’ll save it to your mobile phone.

Step 2. Post it as a private video, click on the 3-dot icon add it to the camera roll on your iPhone (known in the gallery of photos on Android gadgets).

Make sure to turn on the save the movie option. This Save the Video feature lets everyone download the video. And because the video is private, only you can keep it.

Step 3.Open up the InShot App and then tap on the icon for the video to create the project.

Step 4. Select the video saved in step 3. To transfer it.

Step 5. Tap on the Canvas and select the option not to frame as well as 9:16. Your video will be saved with the same aspect ratio that it was held.

Step 6. Press the Music icon, tap on the clip, then press extract audio.

Step 7. Now the audio track is separated from the video. You can click on the audio wave and click the Split icon. You can then trim each audio file by sliding the edge.

Step 8. Export the video by clicking to share the icon. You can choose the default settings for output at 1080p and 30fps.

If you’re planning to incorporate music and not have to follow the procedure of adding music to TikTok and then extracting it using third-party applications and then trimming the videos.

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