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Why Twitter Stats Are Important for Your Business

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Twitter has been among the most popular social media networks since it was launched in 2006. This microblogging platform has changed a lot over the years. Since social media marketing is increasingly important, brands must modify their strategies accordingly. According to Twitter statistics, although the growth of its users has recently narrowed down, the unique content format in the platform has made it more relevant from a marketing perspective.

Why Businesses Should Care About Twitter Stats?

Nearly every powerful social platform comes with in-built analytics. Twitter statistics are useful for monitoring and tracking metrics such as engagement rate, gain, and loss of followers, retweets, among others.

Twitter statistics helps brands make decisions according to data. Having data in hand helps you make better decisions for your brand’s social media campaigns to attain the desired results. There are several benefits to using Twitter statistics. Some of them include

Understanding what your audience wants

With Twitter statistics, you can get insight into the type of content performing well for your brand. It will notify you of where and what the brand followers engage and connect with, whether it is regular tweets, photos, or videos. Anything that your audience prefers more will be known to you to know where to find your followers. Twitter statistics also lets you know the days your tweets perform well and the days they don’t. Without the statistics about the data, you will not know the best content for your brand and which one is not.

Tracking growth easily

It’s hard to measure growth without sufficient data. Using spreadsheets can also be challenging. However, Twitter statistics will do all your calculations, so your focus can be on the data instead of the math. You will easily track the growth of your followers every month and check the growth trend over time. With Twitter statistics, you will also understand the type of content that was responsible for helping you acquire new followers. You will also know which type of content is making them unfollow you.

Tweet analysis

One of the most important reasons a brand should care for Twitter stats is the tweet activity function. It allows brands to analyze their impressions and engagements. The overall engagement rate tells the brand marketer how the audience is responding to their content. If you have a low engagement rate, you will know that people are not resonating with the brand’s content. You will know that your brand content is interesting and relevant with a good engagement rate. Your followers will like, retweet, or comment on your content because they find it exciting. Digital marketers should also know that a higher engagement rate means that new audiences will likely discover your posts.

Conversion tracking

Twitter stats also helps brands know what a follower does after clicking on the brand’s ad. You will also know how much time they spent on your website and if they completed a 

call-to-action. Moreover, you will also know whether they made a purchase.

Twitter statics is a built-in platform on Twitter to enable users to analyze their tweets. It also helps brand marketers understand their followers and determine which content is helping them grow the business. To better understand how you will optimize your Twitter strategy, you should be equipped with the most critical Twitter stats.

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