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How to Play Fantasy Cricket to Relive the Classic Sport Today

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Sachin Tendulkar had retired from international cricket back in 2013, yet he remains one of the most admired sports personalities of all time. It’s no wonder that many cricket enthusiasts around the world still miss watching him play on TV or in live matches. Here at Fantasy Cricket, we want to make sure you don’t have to miss out on your favorite cricket star just because he’s retired from the sport.

1) What is Fantasy Cricket

The beauty of fantasy cricket is that it lets you relive your favourite parts of cricket—be it batting, bowling or fielding—in a competitive environment. Moreover, unlike traditional cricket games, fantasy cricket apps let you create your own dream team by choosing 11 players from any combination of countries, formats and skill sets. With multiple leagues running on different dates across various apps, there are plenty of opportunities to play fantasy cricket. If you want to be up-to-date with everything that’s happening in world sports but don’t have time for TV or radio broadcasts, consider tuning into streaming services like ESPNcricinfo for all your daily updates.

2) Best Cricket Apps

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a simple app with which to follow your favorite matches or an expert who wants details on upcoming players and teams, there’s a cricket app out there for you. Here are three of our favorites, all available now on iTunes or Google Play. And don’t forget, Daily Fantasy Cricket has all of these platforms covered as well! Whether you want an exciting season-long fantasy league or just need help picking out your daily fantasy team, DFS is ready for you. Get started with free games today!

3) Playing on Star Sports App (iOS/Android)

For those looking for a free way to play fantasy cricket, Hotstar’s best  fantasy cricket app on iOS and Android is a great place to start. While it doesn’t have any monetary prizes attached, you can still compete with friends or people across India. If you’re interested in making money from playing fantasy cricket, signing up with sites like FanFight might be your best bet. FanFight will let you earn money via virtual currency that can be redeemed for real-world rewards at their partnered retail stores or online portals. You also get access to live score updates, news coverage, predictions by experts, match previews and more—all of which help make sure you have all of your bases covered when it comes time for an important match.

4) Playing on Hotstar App (iOS/Android)

Hotstar app is India’s most popular streaming service and has a fully functional fantasy app that lets you draft and manage your own team. The prizes aren’t as great as some of its competitors, but there are more games available and it can be easier to build a well-rounded team. A basic account gives you access to free contests, where you can win as much as $30. Hotstar is India’s best mobile app for watching movies and TV shows too—so it’s worth downloading even if you don’t play fantasy cricket.

5) Rules of Fantasy Cricket

Understanding how fantasy cricket works is key. If you’re new to fantasy cricket, it might help to think of it as a big, complicated card game. There are two ways you can play: entry-fee leagues and free leagues. Entry-fee leagues require a small amount of money upfront for players to enter—but they also carry more cash prizes. Free leagues don’t have any entry fees, but you only win an insignificant amount of digital currency (usually around 10 cents). For your first time playing fantasy cricket, we suggest trying out a free league on one of these two platforms: Draftster or FanDuel. Both offer free-to-play leagues that are fun, simple ways to learn about fantasy cricket without putting up any real money.

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