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How to setup a wifi router?

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So today we have one more new topic to our article section is how to setup a wifi router? Which have been very demanding and interesting topic in today’s generation. So let’s talk about that topic in a brief.

So if we want to setup wifi connection at home then first of all we have to check the internet connection at our home, our internet have been work according to our requirement or not. If the internet connection did’t work in our home then it will be nothing than investing our money as like a waste.

The easiest way to connect your computer to the internet is whether we have to connect our computer to modem or we can connect our computer by wifi connection, and if our system detects the internet connection, then we are ready to the wifi router at our home. We also have been make collection of bunch of some necessary documents for the setup of wifi router. We have been given a username and password by the internet connection service provider which we have to keep it safely and properly. I suggest you use Fiber internet service that gives their ownwifi router setup and excellent internet speed at a very affordable cost.

we can easily check our router details on our android phone if the router has an app application to use. We can easily make payments of our internet connection which have been provided by a particular router. We can see when should our internet connection month start and end and we can easily file complaints against the internet connection service provider router team if they did’t give the service in time or if they complete their service work. If we have a router app on our phone, then we don’t have to connect our router to the computer we just only have to do is to connect internet connection from the router.

We have to check the document which have been particularly given with the router whether the particular router has been available app in the playstore to connect our router to our phone which directly gives all the information and necessary things. We have to fix and install the router in our home. If the router has separated antennas, then we can easily extend that antenna for our better use and can easily make our router setup establish.if we want to try one of the router then we may have been get a free trial of cisco meraki cloud networking.

Router setup steps :

First of all we have to decide whether the router has been installed according to our need and safe place from small children and house flies. If we want to find a best place for installing the router at our home then it will be non other than the free open space because the free space don’t have network issue and don’t have connectivity problem. We also have been placed our system and our router to near places if we want to connect it through lan (basically called lan connection).

After finding suitable place for the router then we can connect our system to the router by the wifi means or by lan means of communications. Then we can check the led light on the router panel, then we can test our internet connection to our devices that our internet have been properly working or not. Then we can also make wifiattatch to the system,then we can connect gateway to router, we can also use an app or dashboard for further enquiry of the router that how many days have been remaining to end our internet usage recharge and we can make easily recharge of the router with the help of app.

The router provider has been given particular username and password for any benefits or assistance or any network setting whether we have been given option to change our username and password according to our suitable things. We can easily upadte our router’s firmware, we have been get a option of creating password for the router whether anyone can’t use our router internet usage, we can also use auto-configuration tools for the it is needed and we have one more option to do is to set up security options for the router.

So that will be the end of this very interesting and enjoyable article hope you all like it.

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