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Epic 3D Race With Stickman Opponents

by Soha Sehzadi
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Run, jump and race to win in this epic new game! Epic 3D Race with Stickman Opponents. Sprint, jump, swim and perform stunts to avoid obstacles and win the race!

Grow, fight and win in this addictive color stickman clash run. The largest stickman wins! Race and grow as far as you can!

Run and Jump

Stickman Rush is a simple endless runner that pits you against a series of dangerous obstacles. Whether it’s bouncing shuriken guns, spinning fans, alien robots, or buzzsaw maces, your parkour skills are put to the test.

Leap across the obstacles to dodge deadly spikes and buzz saws, but be careful, because even a slight mistake could cost you dearly. Touching a spike or hitting a slanted block will cause your character to turn around, while touching an electric barrier will cause it to rotate.

Can you make it to the finish line? Play Stickman Rush for free on Kevin Games. It works right in your browser and requires no installation. The game runs on modern devices, so you can enjoy it at any time and anywhere!

Collect Coins

The most challenging part of this game is collecting the coins that are scattered throughout each level. They add up to your total score at the end of each run, so it’s important to try and get as many as possible. You can also use these coins to unlock extra vehicles for your Free Stickman Games.

This is an interesting twist on the typical platform-style game, and it gives the gameplay a nice bit of variety. However, the controls can be a little tricky at first since you’re constantly swiping up or down to change lanes and jump over obstacles.

Another major problem with this game is the frequent advertisements that can cause your game to crash. This is especially frustrating if you’re on a good run and are just about to break your record.

Avoid Spikes

Stickman Rush is an amazing new endless running game that lets you test your mettle against a series of deadly obstacles and traps. You can dodge these dangerous elements by jumping and sliding. However, if you hit one of the barriers, you will lose.

The game’s many challenges include giant jumps and dangerous spikes that can easily cut you in half. You also have to avoid buzz saws and electric barriers. You can make the challenge even more difficult by playing with friends or challenging yourself in different modes. But no matter what mode you choose to play, it is important to take breaks every now and then to calm down and give your eyes a break. This will help you perform better in the future.

Avoid Buzz Saws

Stickman Rush is an engaging simulation racing game that you can play in the comfort of your own browser. This game has no download or installation process and it works well on most devices.

It’s important to avoid any dangerous obstacles that might harm you, like spikes, spinning fans, buzz saw maces, bouncing shuriken guns, and alien robots. You can do this by jumping and sliding. If you get stuck in a place with several of these traps, try running around in a zig-zag pattern to dodge them. This trick will help you get past any obstacle without losing your life. Luckily, you can also use the blue shields to change your direction. This will help you avoid the electric barriers. This way, you can run smoothly and reach the finish line faster.

Avoid Electric Barriers

Aside from spikes and buzz saws, you’ll also be avoiding electric barriers in Stickman Rush. These swirl, move and hide deadly threats such as circular saws that will slice you into pieces if you hit them.

You’ll need a lot of skill to avoid these deadly obstacles in this challenging and fun platform survival game. To survive, you’ll need to run and jump as well as collect coins to color all the platforms.

Play this entertaining and challenging race simulator game today on Kevin Games, free of charge and with no downloading or installation processes required. All you need is a modern web browser to enjoy this amazing app. Just tap to play! Run and grow until you reach the finish line. The bigger you are, the more points you’ll earn!

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