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How to Choose the Best Video Game Voice Over Agency For Your Project

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The most challenging part of working with voiceover agencies might be making sure you’re choosing the best one for your needs in the first place. Finding the right voiceover actor can be challenging, but finding the right video game voiceover agency will help make the process easier. Here are some tips to help you find and select the best video game voiceover agency possible.

1. Gender

Voiceover actors of both genders can bring great qualities to your project, so don’t assume you have to go with a female voiceover actor just because it’s a video game. Ultimately, the gender of the voiceover actor you work with will entirely depend on the character you need for your project. For example, if you are making a video game about zombies, it would make sense to ask male voiceover actors to audition for characters such as police officers and military personnel.

2. Accent

If you need a voiceover actor to do an accent, it might be best to work with one who has worked on accents before. Also, if you need an accent, it might make sense to see what options are available apart from just hiring a voiceover actor with the same accent as the character you’re creating. The voiceover actor may also be able to take a specific accent and make an entirely different character with it.

3. Tone of voice

Not every video game needs to have a specific tone, but you should always be aware of the tonal issues you will have within your game. For example, if you’re writing a detective video game, you might want to work with voiceover actors who can help increase the suspense and tension. You can never go wrong by trying out voiceover actors before deciding which one to hire, so look at the options available to find a good fit for your project and communicate your specs clearly to ensure no details are missed.

4. Speed & Pace

If you are making a video game about a character who will be walking or running, it might make sense to work with voiceover actors who can bring a certain pace to their performances. One way they could do this is by having them use fast speech patterns and increase the speed of the footage with motion effects after recording their lines.

5. Experience

Work with voiceover actors who have experience in your field before you decide. It’s best to work with a voiceover actor who knows how your game is supposed to feel; it’s what they want to get the job done quickly and effectively. In the long run, this can save you time, money, and headaches, so feel free to hire an experienced voiceover actor for your project.

6. Professional Quality

Please make sure you talk with the voiceover actors about their work quality before hiring them. The quality of the final product can easily be affected by their equipment and sound quality. The biggest problem when working with voiceover actors is that they might need the proper audio equipment or skills to work on your video game project. The best way to avoid this is by asking about their equipment and skills.

7. Your Target Audience

Talk to the voiceover actors about your target audience. Many voiceover actor agencies will have a lot of information about their clients, so you can easily ask them any questions about their demographics, interests, and lifestyle preferences. A voiceover actor who has experience working with your audience will be able to give you the best performance possible.

8. Be Clear About Your Budget

Hiring an expensive voiceover actor is possible if you have the money. Make sure you are clear about your budget before you start auditioning voiceover actors. It’s essential to be honest because if you try to book a more expensive actor and don’t have the budget, they will move on and won’t work with your project.

9. Use Special Request Features

Some voiceover agencies allow you to request specific voiceover actors, so make full use of this option if you think it will be helpful. This way, you’ll be able to get a quote from the actors who have been pre-selected for you. Sometimes this might be the best option for your project, so don’t assume every agency has this feature available before deciding what type of company you want to work with.

10. Long-Term Suitability

If you plan to use the same voiceover actors for many projects, then it might be best to work with a more affordable agency to continue working with your favorite talent. If you need a short clip or a single line of dialogue, it might not make sense to work with an agency and try to do it yourself. The more qualified voiceover actors you can work with, the better and more efficient your project will be.

11. Realistic Expectations

Some voiceover agencies have unrealistic expectations about what their voice actors can do for them. Before you choose an agency, make sure they have the capabilities to help you with your project. For example, if the voiceover agency has yet to experience voiceover actors who have worked on video games before, it might be best to look elsewhere. The best voiceover agencies will have a wide range of talent to fit whatever budget you are working with.

12. Company Reputation

It’s essential to work with a company with a good reputation in the industry so you can trust them with your projects. This can be hard to look into, especially if you need to gain experience in the field. If you are not well versed in how the voiceover industry works, you should ask people who are more experienced than you to help, but they’ll need to be familiar with your project beforehand.

Final thought

There are a lot of different factors to consider when it comes to hiring voiceover actors for video game projects. Make sure you ask plenty of questions to get the perfect cast for your character or project. You can also find some great voiceover actors by searching online and through local agencies.

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