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Where To Apply For The Best Credit Cards In The UAE?

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Credit cards have become a popular way to pay for shopping and services in the United Arab Emirates. Paying quickly and easily with a card helps you get more from your day, and saves you from having to constantly visit ATMs and carry large amounts of cash. Just put it on the card and move to the next venue. Many people in the UAE are asking themselves, where do I apply for the best credit cards? Here is the answer to the question, and some important information to know before you apply.

UAE’s Biggest Banks Offer The Best Credit Cards

The first stop on your hunt for a credit card in the United Arab Emirates should be its biggest banks. They have the financial power and customer service to offer some of the best deals in the Emirates. Credit cards are a competitive arena for the banking industry, so you have a wide choice of interest rates and incentives to pick from. Most cards come with customer rewards, too.

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank offers possibly the best credit cards in UAE. As one of the biggest banks in the Middle East, they can create cards that have the most competitive interest rates with generous benefits for travel, hotels, and shopping. Even the cards themselves are a cut above the rest, with a metal and laser-etched credit card available with their Betaqti Credit Card.

Easy Online Applications

You can apply for a credit card online in the UAE with most major credit providers. This makes getting a card simple, and fast. Applications can be made on both websites and smartphone apps. You will be required to provide scans or copies of important documents before your card can be issued. 

If your documents cannot be scanned some large banks will send a representative to pick them up and return them later. Customer service in the United Arab Emirates is world-renowned. Most credit providers will require an Emirates ID or passport, a UAE residence visa, proof of income from a payslip or your employer’s HR department, and three months of bank statements.

Your Credit Score And Income

Every credit card application in the world requires a minimum regular income from an employer. The amount may vary, and its impact on credit scores may be different, but the principal is the same. You will not be given access to credit without having a regular and proven income. In the UAE, credit is available for people with a monthly salary of 5000 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham) and above.

When applying for a credit card your Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB) credit score will be considered. Each credit lender has its own standards for a credit application, but typically a score of 650 and above is enough to successfully apply for credit. With both a regular salary and a good credit score you should be able to apply for any major credit card in the United Arab Emirates and enjoy convenient purchasing and a range of rewards and benefits.

With your documentation in order, a credit score from the AECB, and a regular salary you have everything you need to start enjoying a credit card in the United Arab Emirates. Find a rate and rewards scheme that suits you, and apply today.

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